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Add or edit a calendar event

To create a new calendar event, use the following step...

  1. Click "Calendars" on the toolbar to view the calendar.
  2. Browse to the month in which you would like to create a new event using the left and right arrows surrounding the month & year.
  3. Click in the cell of the day you would like the event to start, or click on the existing event, then choose "Edit event".
  4. Select the calendar that the event should be placed into.
  5. Enter a name for the event
  6. You can choose between "All day event" and "Select times". An all day event does not use start and end times. If you have an event that spans multiple days but doesn't need times, you should still select "All day event". If you would like to specific a start and end time then choose "Select times".
  7. If you have further details on the event, you can optionally enter them in the "Details" field.
  8. Click "Save".

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