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SimpleDocs is an easy to use web based document storage system designed for mutual interest groups, companies or organisations that want to manage and share documents logically. It requires no special software on your computer or specialist computer skills. A new SimpleDocs organization be set-up, trained and be using SimpleDocs effectively in just minutes. SimpleDocs is free. Add an unlimited number of users to your organization's SimpleDocs system. Each SimpleDocs system offers up to 10GB or storage.

Documents are the foundation of modern business organizations. Whether commercial or non-profit, a business is only as strong as its document management system. The era of paper-based document filing systems and redundant copying is over; the paradigm of the fully paperless office in the Information Age is now possible thanks to cloud computing.

The Cloud Advantage

Traditional document management systems consisted of a client-server architecture model that required capital investments and ongoing IT maintenance. A DMS that resides in the cloud is within easy reach of just about any organization or individual

SimpleDocs is available from any Internet-connected device. This is one of the main goals of cloud computing and storage: ubiquitous access that enables real-time collaboration. This means that a document management system residing in the cloud can be accessed and utilized by office workers and business partners at any time and from anywhere, even from mobile devices while on the go.

Unlike traditional systems, a cloud-based document management system does not require the installation of software applications, nor does it require a local server.


Inefficient document handling can easily lead to annoyances, periods of low productivity and lost business opportunities. Self-employed professionals and owners of small business enterprises who are not familiar with DMS solutions will often use email to transfer documents. As business grows, tracking down documents and changes in email attachments becomes an exercise in frustration that slows down the overall process.

The advanced indexing and storage functions of SimpleDocs allow users to easily find documents, as well as gaining information about changes made by authorized parties. Finding a document in SimpleDocs is as easy as logging in from any location and taking a look inside the folders or entering a search query. Documents can be organized in a number of ways, from chronological history to their contents and authorship.

SimpleDocs is ideal for corporate groups, small business owners, sports teams, charitable organizations, and even freelance professionals and their clients. With SimpleDocs, remote users can view multiple instances and versions of contracts, invoices, payment receipts, photographs, presentations, and many other forms. Simple per-folder permissions allow an organization to store all files within one system, while only given access to the folders needed per user.

The use of SimpleDocs saves time and increases efficiency by eliminating more than just paper. Redundancy and superfluous communications are eliminated by an automated email process that alerts members every time a document is uploaded.

Productivity is up, stress over misplaced or misfiled documents is down and SimpleDocs is truly simple to use and administer. We save time and cost.

- Jess Wood, Australian Prime Fibre

Having the ability to quickly and securely share information has meant we are far more efficient at everything we do saving us valuable time and money.

- Claire Grlj, Wealthyfrog

It was great having all contents and edits in one 'electronic' location, under version control and able to be accessed almost instantly by my network anywhere in the world.

- K W Everett, KWENet Book Forum