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Create a new calendar or edit a calendar's settings

Calendar permissions can be set in the same way as document folders, you can give permission to an entire group of people, as well and assigning individual user permissions. If you have "Admin" access to a calendar, you can click on the "edit" button to change its settings.

Calendar permissions can be assigned to individual users as well as groups of users. To learn about user groups see the following article: Assign users to groups

Create and edit a calendar

To create a new calendar, or edit the settings of an existing one, follow these steps:

  1. From the main calendar view, click on the "Calendars" button on the left.
  2. To create a new calendar, click "Create new calendar" at the bottom. To edit an existing calendar, click "edit" on the chosen calendar.
  3. Enter the calendar name and an optional description.
  4. Select a colour for the calendar. All events within the calendar will be displayed using the colour chosen here.
  5. Assign permission on the calendar. Further details on permissions can be found below.

Permission types

When assigning calendar permissions to users or groups, there are three options to select from:

  1. "No Access": The users will not see the calendar at all.
  2. "Read Only": The users are able view the calendar's events.
  3. "Read & Write": The users are also able to create and edit events on the calendar.
  4. "Admin": The users can do all of the above, as well as change the calendar name, description and permissions.

To assign permissions:

  1. From the main calendar view, click on the "Calendars" button on the left.
  2. The first set of permissions are the "Group permissions". Permissions you assign here will apply to all users within the group. For each group, select the permission setting you would like applied for the selected calendar.
  3. Once you have assigned the desired group permissions, you can also assign permission to individual users. Any users that were given permission via a group above do not need to also be given permission here.
  4. Click "Save".

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